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Adding posts to existing tours

There are 3 ways to add posts to existing tours.

Option 1. Upload multiple images to existing tour

Use the Expand Tour option on the tour settings page. This will take you to the Add to existing tour section of the batch upload screen. Drag and drop or select the images you want to add from your drive and hit Post.

Option 2. Upload one image to existing tour

You can also upload a single image and add it to a tour on the way. In the Upload section, before posting the image, click the Add to tour button, located below the description field on the right side.

Option 3. Add existing post to a tour

Every existing post has an Add to tour button next to Like and Share links on the right side panel. You can use it to add that post to a tour. You can also use this function to remove a post from a tour.

You can use the context menu on each photo in your Posts tab for the same effect. Open the context menu by clicking the button and select Add to tour as on the image below: