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Batch editing

Batch editing is a function that can save you a lot of time when building a tour. Thanks to this feature, you can make changes in one post and automatically apply those changes to all the other posts in the tour.

Batch editing - video tutorial by Best360

What features can be applied in batch?

At this time, features that can be applied in batch to all posts include: Filters, HDR, Sharpness, Zoom settings, Pitch limit and Vertical align.

You can also apply the Stitch line fix option to all panoramic photos in the tour and the Background color to all flat images.

Finally, you can switch all posts in the tour from 360 to flat mode and back.

"Apply to all" icon

To see which editor settings can be applied to all other posts, look for a small icon on the right hand side as illustrated below:

You can turn this icon on/off for any setting at any time when editing the post. To toggle the "batch apply" option simply do the following:

  • Click on the icon once to activate it. It will turn orange and the value will be applied to other posts when you save changes.
  • Click it again to deactivate it. The icon will turn back to gray and the setting will not be applied to other posts.

"Apply to all" confirmation dialog

Whenever you select one or more option to be applied to all posts and click Save, you will see a confirmation dialog as shown below.

It lists all the properties that you selected to be applied to other posts. This gives you a chance to review them.

It's always a good idea to review the changes before saving! When the properties are applied to all posts in the tour, this will override individual settings of each post. Once those changes are saved and applied, the action can't be undone.

Click Cancel to get back and continue editing the post. If everything looks good, click Confirm and the changes will be saved and applied.