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Collections can be used to manage and organize your posts or to collect and sort posts from other photographers you find across Kuula.

On Kuula, you can use the Tours function to create collections. Collections are available to all users, PRO and BASIC alike.

Creating collections

Collections are simply Tours that you can add posts to. To create a collection, go to the Tours tab in your profile.

Once there you will see a large Create Empty Tour button - just press it and a new tour will appear below the button. Add the name and - optionally - a description and hit Save.

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add empty tour / collection

You can also make collections on the fly, while uploading or adding a post to a collection. It's done in the Add to tour dialog discussed below.

Editing and deleting collections

To rename or delete a collection, simply click on the context menu (the triple dot button) on the bottom of the thumbnail. Collections are ordered chronologically by date added by default, but PRO users can additionally customize the order of posts.

All collections are public unless you are a Kuula PRO subscriber. In this case you can create Unlisted and Private collections as well. There is no need to explicitly mark the privacy of a collection - just add posts to the collection and it will automatically inherit this setting from the posts. Learn more about unlisted posts and tours.

Collecting posts

There are a few ways to add posts to a tour/collection.

You can add a post to a collection while uploading it by clicking on the Add to tour button in the upload editor panel:

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add post to tour, option 1

To add an existing post to a collection, use the Add to tour button located under each thumbnail's context menu (triple dot button).

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add post to tour, option 2

Finally, you can add a post to a collection by navigating to the specific post page and clicking on the Add to tour button in the information panel on the right (desktop) or bottom (mobile).

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add post to tour, option 3

Either way you do it, clicking the Add to tour button will bring the same dialog box where you can select which tour you want the post to be added to:

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add to tour dialog

You can use the same dialog to remove a post from any tour you previously added it to.