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Free accounts: features and limitations

Kuula offers a basic account that is completely free. The free plan was created to allow everyone to get to know Kuula at their own pace. It will help you make an informed decision about whether our platform fits your needs.

With the free plan, you will have access to almost all features, without any time limit, for as long as you want. It comes however with several limitations as compared to the paid plans.

1. Hotposts

With a free plan, you can build a complete walk-through tour. However, hotspots will not be visible to anyone except yourself. Your vistors will only be able to see the photos and move between them using the thumbnail bar.

In order to share or embed a fully functional tour with hotspot connections, you will need to upgrade to PRO or Business.

If you are building a tour and wish to test it on other devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or an Oculus headset, you can do so as long as you log in to Kuula on this device. When you are logged in, you can open any tour from your profile page and all the hotspots will be visible and active.

2. Uploads

On the free account you can upload a maximum of 25 images at one time and a total of 100 images each month. With PRO and Business plans uploading is not limited.

3. Privacy

The free account only allows you to create Public or Private content. The PRO subscription addtionally allows Unlisted posts & tours, while Business supports Password Protected tours.

Private mode is great to test and build a tour with a peace of mind, knowing that no one can see it except you. You can freely experiment, upload content the is not finished or retouched and test different options.

Public privacy mode is designed for photographers who would like to promote their work through Kuula. Public posts and tours (collections) can be embedded on websites, shared via links or on social media.

4. Audio

Uploading and integrating audio in tours is not available on the free account. Those features require a PRO subscription.

5. Branding

With the free plan, all the links and embeds are branded with the Kuula logo.

The PRO plan offers the option to remove or change the branding on your tours. The Business plan also offers custom domain links.

Downgrading from PRO or Business

If you plan to cancel a paid plan and downgrade your account to the free plan, please refer to this article to see what features will become blocked or hidden.