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Google Publishing Pro Business

This tutorial explains how you can publish panoramas and tours on Google Street View.


Before you can publish your content on Google Street View, you will need to connect your Kuula account to your Google account. This process is described in the this article. During the linking process, it is very important to check the permissions checkbox, as shown below:

Once the accounts are linked, you can start publishing your posts and tours to Google Street View.


Our Google Street View feature is currently in Beta phase. There are also monthly limits on how many posts you can submit to Google:
- 50 with Kuula Pro
- 250 with Kuula Business
Those limits may change as we move out of the Beta.

To publish content on Google Street View, navigate to the tour or a post you want to publish from your profile and click the Share button on the right side of the screen (or on bottom, if you are on mobile). This will open a popup with all the sharing options that are available:

In that window, click on Google.

Post selection

If you share a tour, after clicking on the Google option, in the next window, you will see a list of posts. At this point you can select which ones you want to publish to Google. If you are sharing a single photo, this screen will be skipped and you will be taken to the next step right away.

Only 360 photos can be published to Google. If the tour contains any 2d/flat images (for example, a floor plan) those posts will be disabled for selection.

Additionally, only images containing location data (GPS coordinates) can be published. If your posts do not have a location data, you will need to add it before publishing. Please refer to this article to see how to do that.


After you select the posts in the previous step and click Continue you'll see a confirmation screen similar to this one:

Take a moment to check if all the coordinates of the photos are in the correct places on the map. If all looks good, simply click Publish.

Processing the submission

At this point, your posts will be added to a processing queue. The publication process typically takes 5-10 minutes, but it can take longer if your tour is large.

When all your posts are processed. You will receive an email. The message will contain a link to the published post. That same link will also be added to the post on your profile. You can find it the post description on the right hand side:

Please note that your photo will no be added to the map immediately. First, Google will review your submission, which can take anywhere between 24 hours and several days. If your photo is accepted, you will get an email confirmation from Google. If Google rejects the photo, it will never get published to the map but the direct link will still work. To learn more about Google policy, please refer to this website.

Removing photos from Google

After the publication, your post on Kuula will be linked to the photo on Google. You can remove any content you published on Google from the Google Maps website.

To do that, open the Maps website, click on the menu button on the top/left side and choose Your Contributions:

In the next section, open the Photos tab. In there, you can see and remove any of your submitted photos.

Troubleshooting connection to Google

If there is an problem with the Google submission, you will see Google connection error message when trying to publish your post or tour.

In most cases, that issue can be fixed in one of the following ways:

  1. Try to log out from Kuula and log back in, using the Sign-in with Google button.
  2. Alternatively, unlink your Google Account and link it back again in the Profile Settings.
  3. If the above steps do not solve the issue, you can unlink your Google Account and remove Kuula from your Google connections list on your Google Account page. This will reset all the settings on the Google side. Then, you can link to Google account again.

If none of the solutions above helps and you still experience issues or if you have any feedback about the Google Street View publishing feature, please contact us.