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Tour Settings

All the tours you create are available under the Tours tab on your profile.

You can click on each tour to view the tour and edit it. You also have access to a set of tools under the context menu, that is the button in the bottom/right corner, as shown below.

The available options include:

  • Rename change the tour name and description
  • Edit Tour change the tour settings and reorder images in the tour (more below)
  • Edit Posts open the editor to change hotspots, labels and other tour elements
  • Duplicate create a copy of the tour
  • Delete delete the tour (be careful with that!)
  • Share launch the share dialog for that tour

Edit tour

When you select the Edit Tour option from the context menu above, you will navigate to the tour setting editor. A link to this screen is also available in the thumbnail bar, also named Edit Tour.

The Edit Tour page has two tabs: Posts (above) and another with various tours Tour Settings (below).

This section allows you to edit and modify various aspects of the tour, like:

  • Name & description change the name and the description of the tour
  • PRO Privacy change the privacy of the tour
  • Transition type change what type of animated transition this tour will use
  • Walkthrough Mode PRO toggle the Walkthrough mode
  • Click Anywhere PRO toggle the Click Anywhere feature
  • Audio background PRO add or remove a background audio
  • Menu icon & label customize the menu icon image and the text label
  • Sorting and re-ordering set the order of the posts in a tour (see below for details)
  • Extend tour add more post to this tour.
  • Manage thumbnails toggle the visibility of posts on the thumbnail bar
  • Remove posts the red X button allows to remove the post from the tour

For detailed information about each of those settings, please click on the links to articles in the list above. The last two options are discussed below:

Sorting & re-ordering

The tours can be sorted in two ways. First, you can select one of the automatic sorting methods from the drop down on top of the page:

The options include sorting alphabetically (by post description) or by the date when the post was added to the tour, either putting the newest or the oldest added post on the first position.

Second way to sort posts is by rearranging thumbnails using drag & drop. The top/left thumbnail is on the first position in the tour, the one on the bottom/right - on the last. This feature requires Kuula PRO.

Sorting works on any size of the tour, but for tours larger than 250 posts, you will need to SAVE and refresh after changing sorting in order to update the positions.

Manage thumbnails

Sometimes, you may want to show only certain panoramas in the thumbnail bar, leaving others hidden. This can be the case in real-estate tours, where you want to show only panoramas from each room and hide all the filler posts (hallways, stairs, etc...) used in the walkthrough.

You can do that by excluding posts from the thumbnail bar in the Edit Tour section. Just select the box in the top/left corner to make it red, like on the screenshot below:

In the example above, both "Balcony-outside" and "Hallway-1" will be hidden in the thumbnail bar.

These posts will still be part of the tour though and you can toggle this setting for each post at any moment.