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Viewing tours in VR on Meta Quest

You can view your posts and tours on Oculus Quest devices using the Oculus Browser, thanks to Kuula's WebXR integration.

Kuula supports Meta Quest 2 & 3 standalone VR headsets.

Meta Browser

The Meta Browser is available on the Meta headsets by default. You can find it in the main menu under Apps » Browser.

Navigating the site

Once you open the Meta Browser, simply go to

When the page loads, you can navigate it using the Meta Go controller or the touch page on the Gear VR in the same way you would move around the website on a desktop computer. Once you access the tours page, select the one you would like to view in VR:

When the first post from the tour loads, tap on the VR icon in the toolbar on the top/right end of the screen:

Once you are in the VR mode, you can look around your 360 photos and navigate your tours with gaze navigation, using the remote or using the touch pad on the side of the Gear VR headset. To navigate between posts, look at the choosen hotspot and press the button on your remote or simply wait till the progress bar is full and you will be taken to the next image.


The best thing about WebXR is how easy it is to share the tours with other people. Just send them the link, that they can open on their VR device.

Discontinued devices

Meta (and previously Oculus) discontinued support for the following devices: Meta Quest 1, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. Therfore, we can't guarantee full functionality and good performance of Kuula VR on those headsets.