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Saving Images

After you publish a panorama on Kuula, you can save views and snapshots of it. These images can be used to share previews with your clients, add to a listing, website or share on social media, for example Instagram.

There are two formats available: Snapshots and Tiny planets.


A snapshot is the part the panorama as it appears in the player when you view it. When you are viewing a spehrical image in the Kuula player, you can rotate it around and save the an image in the current direction at any moment. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  • Click on Share 1
  • In the dialog, select Snapshot 2
  • On the next dialog, right click on the preview image 3
  • Select Save image as... from the system menu 4
  • Save the image in the folder of your choice

Tiny planets

You can save a tiny planet rendering of the panorama in the same way. However, before saving a tiny planet, you will need to enable the Tiny Planet mode in your post. Here's how:

  • Click on the pen icon to start editing the post
  • Select the Tiny planet tab
  • Check the box called Enable tiny planet
  • Save the changes and exit the editor
  • A new tiny planet icon will appear in the toolbar

You can open the panorama in tiny planet mode by clicking on the icon. After you do that, you can select Share and follow the same steps as above to save a snapshot of the tiny planet.

Copyright, formats and resolution

For copyright reasons, the functions described above can only be applied to your own posts.

Snapshots and tiny planets are available in all plans, free and paid.

All the images are saved as JPGs. The dimension of the snapshot are square: 3200 x 3200 pixels when you save them using a desktop computer and 1600 x 1600 pixels on mobile.