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Sharing and embedding

Kuula at its core is a platform for sharing 360 images and tours. The possibility to easily share your work with friends, colleagues and clients has always been our main focus. This is why we offer a whole range of sharing options and always work on adding more.

Sharing comes in two forms:

  • Share Dialog for quick sharing on social media or directly with your audience
  • Export Editor for customizing any aspect of the player, including branding

Both options are discussed below:

Share Dialog

You can open the share dialog by clicking on the Share link on the right side. You will be presented with the share popup which allows you to pick from a few available options, as shown below:

Get link or embed code

This button will take you to the Export Editor covered below in this article.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit

The share popup offers a few quick sharing buttons for popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


If you are sharing your own content, there is also a button called Snapshot. You can use it to save a snapshot of your panorama or tiny planet. Snapshots are regular JPG images and can be used anywhere, for example you can post them on Instagram.

Export editor

If you're looking to customize the player, click on the Get link or embed code button. You will navigate to the Export Editor.

The Export Editor gives you a number of options to customize the look & feel and the behavior of the player. On large screens there is a preview window showing the player itself. Each time you adjust any parameter, the preview is updated in real time.

Once you are satisfied with all the settings, copy the code/link from the box below the preview window:

Each time you modify anything in the export settings, you will need to copy a new link/code. The previously copied links will not be updated to reflect the new settings.

You can export each tour in a variety of formats, including JS or HTML embed codes, direct link, MLS link or Embedly link.

The different types of links and embed codes are explained in detail in the Export Formats article.