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How to upload an image

As soon as you register on Kuula, you can start uploading images and photos. Here's a short article explaining how to do it - it's really simple.

If you would like to upload multiple photos at once to create a Virtual Tour, please check this tutorial instead.

Step 1: Upload

To upload an image, please select Upload > Single image from the main menu, then select a file from your drive with the Select image button or simply drag & drop the image into the circle area in the middle of the screen.

You can upload both 360° and regular images. Kuula will recognize the format of the image automatically.

Before you upload, you can choose the level of quality/compression. This setting can be found in the Preferences section, under Photo Compression.

Step 2: Edit

Once the photo is processed, it will show up on the left side. You can interact with the photo, look around it and check if it looks good.

You can also take a moment to adjust some settings before posting. The basic settings include:

  • Description this is the text that will appear alongside the post.
    By default, Kuula fills the description text with the name of the uploaded file, but you can customize it before posting or later on.
  • Add to tour if you want to add the new post to an existing tour, you can do it here
  • Privacy PRO set the privacy to Public, Unlisted or Private

Step 3: Post!

There are many other settings to explore. Remember: you can go back to the Editor after posting the image and change the settings at any time.

When you are done editing the photo - simply hit the POST IT button as shown above. And that's it! Your photo is now posted and it will be visible on your profile.

Supported formats

For in-depth information about supported formats, please check this article.